Marriage Ceremonies and Counseling

As a purposeful step on her yoga journey, Katherine Austin Wooley became certified as a minister in the state of Michigan, for the purpose of performing marriage ceremonies.

“I believe every step of our lives should be sacred and deliberate,” says Katherine. “The coming together of two souls as a spiritual partnership, is a meaningful and daring step, and I welcome the invitation to be part of such a special journey between two loving people.”

Before the wedding:

Choose to begin your wedding journey with spiritual guidance and practices to create a conscious relationship.   A great way to support a healthy beginning as a future married couple. Day of wedding sadhana (yoga practice & meditations) are also available to prepare the bridal party with the highest vibration possible for their most sacred day.

The Wedding:

The wedding ceremonies performed by Katherine Austin Wooley are not typical, house-of-worship weddings. They are as unique as the individuals coming together in sanctity, in locations as diverse as forests, beaches, backyards, yoga studios and art museums. The ceremony we will create together reflects your love for one another as well as the uniqueness of both individuals in this union and the pledge you will make to one another to support, love, guide and cherish through all of life’s fullness.

Our wedding ceremonies focus on the joy of two souls uniting. In preparation, we will share your stories, the things that are most important to both of you and focus on the type of life you aim to have together. We respect and incorporate all meaningful spiritual paths; this is your wedding, as unique as your personal beliefs. We are not connected to or promoting of any particular organized religion or belief community, but respectful of every couple who comes to us seeking union.

Katherine recommends:  Spiritual Partnership by Gary Zukav and Enchanted Love by Marianne Williamson

Inquire here, to have Katherine Austin Wooley perform your wedding ceremony.


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